What is baryon mode and what are its powers?

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In this blog, What is baryon mode, what is its power, How will naruto use this form? and why naruto is red in this form? So, without any further delay let’s just hit our topic. At the starting of boruto next-gen, naruto and Sasuke had difficulty fighting with jigen. Isshiki outsutsuki easily surpassed naruto and Sasuke’s 100% power with his 50% power. Where he breaks Sasuke’s Susanoo with his bare hand and naruto’s body with his rodes.

There seems no chance to defeat isshiki, then Kurama put out a reverse card from his back pocket and the new mode of naruto comes in boruto manga. So, this is how baryon mode comes into the picture. So, let’s come to our real topic that

What is baryon mode and what its powers?

In scientific terms, baryon called those particles which are smaller than atoms. Particles such as proton, neutron, electron, etc. If we skip the theory. Then, as mention by Kurama. baryon represents here a nuclear fusion.

If we put some logic then we can nuclear fusion form of naruto’s new form. Nuclear fusion means a process where one atom combines with another atom to form a new one And yes this is the process used by Naruto and Kurama in baryon mode. Where naruto’s chakra work on one atom and Kurama’s chakra works on the other. Both chakra combined and form a new chakra.


which has tremendous energy and for which reason naruto’s new form is introduced. As understand from its name, nuclear fusion is the energy used to create bombs where isotopes of hydrogen-deuterium and tritium are combined and compressed at high degree temperature to form helium
And this reaction is like this.

Nuclear fusion

So, that’s the reason we assume naruto will die in upcoming episodes Because his chakra is also in part with Kurama’s chakra in the process of nuclear fusion, their chakra will blast in the future.

In their body or somewhere else. So, this is the reason how naruto gains tremendous energy and how he will die. My question is to you that how Kurama knows all physics? When he gets that much time? Maybe naruto is busy with some work with Hinata and then he read this stuff.


Why naruto is in the red in baryon mode?

It has 2 reasons
The first one is that the writer took reference from the sun. As we know from the start that naruto is a person of yang’s release and Whereas Sasuke is a ying release guy.

yang represents the sun and the sun is that place where the nuclear fusion process naturally formed. the sun’s color is the same before it dies.


So, Naruto is the yang release guy and represents the sun, and now he is in his final stage. Then, maybe this is the indication of the sun dies. 2nd reason is very simple that naruto and Kurama fuse with each other that’s why naruto simply inherited some looks of Kurama like his orange color And the black color on his under eyes.

Baryon mode unexplained power

When naruto touches isshiki then his life span is drastically lost. when they fought with isshiki their chakra already took part in the process and when naruto touches isshiki then naruto’s chakra makes a part of isshiki’s chakra. That’s why karma, again and again, says naruto to touch him.

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