best isakai anime for beginners


Itsuki yuge was transported into an unfamiliar world and that world was under attack by monsters, however only “star children” can fight them, and they can only be produced by 12 war maidens.

The master of raganarok & bleser of Einherjar

isaikai anime

Yuuto was a normal junior high school student until he was transported to the early period (2000-1300bc0. be became the patriarch of the wolf clan, so, it’s obvious he is surrounded by beautiful girls.

Outbreak company


Shinichi is like most shut-ins, he is well versed in anime, manga, and video games, one day he’s kidnapped and transported into The evident empire, a magical realm where elves, dragons, and dwarves exist

The familiarity of zero

Saito, a normal kid, is forced into a magical world. where he is made into a slave to work for a female magician. the story follows the day-to-day lives of Saito and his master in the adventures they find themselves in.

In another world with my smartphone

anime girl

Touya Mochizuki is accidentally struck by lightning . as an apology, the god offers Touya a chance to live again in a magical fantasy world. on top of this, he is also offered a wish, he asks only for his smartphone.

How not to summon a demon lord

Takuma Sakamoto is branded as the “demon lord” by other players in an MMORPG cross reverie . one day, after a twist of events, he was summoned into a game by two girls who claimed that he is their summon.



one day in japan, a gate lie portal appeared, creatures, came out of it and the japan self-defense force (JSDF). tried their best to stop them and send them back, meanwhile,youji Miami saved the lives of people in every possible way.


Hajime Nagumo is a high school who is bullied by his classmates . one day, the whole class gets transported into an unfamiliar world. they Will get magic abilities .however, Hajime doesn’t get stronger until he I betrayed

No game no life

no game no life

to challenge the god of games, Shiro and sora mostly rely on their intellects. the siblings are quick wited and sneaky in their playstyle, just like when they played
as a duo in online games.

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