Boruto Episode 226: Denki vs Tsubaki (Review)

Boruto episode 226

Boruto episode 226 the title is going to be samurai versus science the intellectual paragraph says

THE individual matches of the final exam are underway and the winners have been announced one after the other there are only a few matchups remaining however boards Mitsuki has yet to appear at the venue but at this rate, the two of they will be disqualified.

Boruto Episode 226: Denki vs Tsubaki

and it’s feeling anxious, meanwhile, the next matchup was between Denki and Tsubaki the ninja has a different way of battling in comparison to samurai.

Boruto Episode 226

Tsubaki has her own merits and abilities she’s about to face off against Denki someone who has developed his own scientific ninja tools and is taking them into combat the use of scientific ninja tools versus a samurai a unique tournament matchup.

it is about to unfold so this episode right here seems like it’s going to be very interesting the first thing that we definitely do have to point out is the fact that boruto and Mitsuki are not at the venue as of yet

Boruto Episode 226

one of the things that we did actually get to see from the last episode specifically born to episode 222 is the fact that there are a couple of people that did actually enter the hidden leaf village and from the spoils of episode 223 we found out that Mitsuki and boruto did actually want to go over and rectify

that situation now boruto a mitsky’s absence might be because of the fact that they were actually, you know in battle with those people that did enter the hidden leaf village I find that very difficult to believe because they looked extremely fodder I was basically talking about how konohamaru

Boruto Episode 226

himself would be able to just destroy all four of them I’m personally gonna say that they definitely did get caught up with those guys even though it’s that very difficult for me to believe that

probably they had some backup with them as well or probably one of them had some very unique abilities that burton meets

you didn’t necessarily know how to handle but as of right now it’s looking like boards and meets, they’re probably not necessarily going to become tunings, because they’re pretty much going to be completely absent throughout this whole

the thing’s very interesting though because Naruto is the Hokage Naruto could have easily gone track down the board to amity and dragged him to the chunin exam.

, but that right there seems like it’s probably not necessarily going to happen now the other thing is going through the fact that dank is going to be fighting against Tsubaki this right here seems like it’s going to be a cut.

and dry situation because of the fact that Tsubaki is obviously a lot stronger than Denki but also we have to take into consideration that then he supposedly has brand new scientific ninja tools that he himself actually didn’t make we kind of got seen in action a little bit in the last episode.

but we never really got to see what it really was and how it could really affect the character like Tsubaki for the board fans out there. most likely Denki becoming a true is going to mean infinitely a lot more than Tsubaki becoming a CHUNIN, just because of the fact that Tsubaki is most likely going to be leaving the hidden leaf village after the training exam now

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