Is really eight gates of chakra is so much powerful?

8 gates of chakra

Hey, guys today we will discuss such an ability after using that the user dies. Here, we don’t talk about baryon mode. In this blog, We will talk about the 8 gates of chakra, And believe me or not if you see the full potential of gates only one which comes from your mouth.

As we already know that there is a chakra system in the naruto universe. Every human body has a flow chakra in its body And with the help of chakra, you can perform jutsus like genjutsu ninjutsu, and senjutsu. As I tell you that chakra exists in the human body so, it has a flowing system in the human body. And that flowing system is known as the 8 gates of chakra.

The work of these gates is to limited chakra flow in the human body because the human body can hold chakra at a certain limit. If you somehow manage to surpass your chakra limit then you control the full power chakra flow system. A person like might guy and might die, Kakashi, rock lee and Shino had control of its 8 inner gates of chakra. Maybe in the boruto next generation we have one more user that is metal lee.

If your answer is yes Then type yes If your answer is No Then, don’t waste your time commenting below. you like or not metal lee will access the 8 inner gates in the future.

So, now let’s talk about how 8 inner gates of chakra really work?


Do you know the about Eight gates of chakra

Somehow, you push your limit and open your first gate the gate of opening. The first gate is located on your brain. Oh my god! It means boruto will not be able to open the first gate. The benefit of the opening of the first gate is that your brain stops the muscle strength to reach 100℅ because The human body can bear only 20% muscle strength But if you can open your first gate. You became 5times more powerful than our normal form.


The second gate is the gate of is also located in the right part of the brain. This gate not only enhances your physical strength but also reenergizes your body.


Do you know the about  Eight  gates of chakra

The third gate is located in your spinal cord. It also enhances your physical strength. And your moves became more deadly. The other benefit of open of the third gate is that you can perform a reverse lotus. Where you can hit punch and kick at a time.

4th gate of pain and 5th gate of limit

To open these your speed and power come to their next level


this is located in your stomach by opening this you can perform a new ability known as THE MORNING PEACOCK and it also increases your strength and speed. Might guy also say about this ability that this ability is only for killing purpose.

7th inner gate: THE GATE OF WONDER

Do you know the about Eight gates of chakra

It also increases your powers and speed plus you can access an ability called DAY TIME TIGER. When you access the 7th gate your body turns blue. This blue glow is the sweat of the user.

8th inner gate: THE GATE OF DEATH

if, you somehow reach the 8th gate and open it. Then surely madra will say you

Do you know the about Eight gates of chakra

There are 2 ways to open the 8th gate
Either you have to puncture your heart or damage your chest which is upon your heart. The user seems very reddish in this phase Because the blood of the user is boiling from the heat of the body. Even, I won’t tell you the user became in this form. You became 10times more powerful than all Kages are collective. You are even more powerful than tail beasts But the only condition is that you will die after using that ability

ok guys that’s it for today we will meet again in the next blog till then bye bye sayonara

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