Hello everyone today in this blog we will talk about Itachi Uchiha than none other.
And I will tell you 5 such facts about Itachi that you probably have not heard.

where Itachi uchiha reference from?

The name Itachi in Japanese means vessel. understood in Japanese mythology. ill omen And ill omen signify either death or bad luck. So Itachi’s name means bad luck or death. By this, you must have come to know that how thoughtfully Kishimoto names his characters.

How Izumi and Itachi fulfill their incompleted dream?

Itachi lived 80 years of his life. This fact is quite common, but this is the only satisfying facts find out of Itachi. We people know that Itachi had sacrificed a lot of things. For the shake of the hidden leaf village. Whether it is his clan, whether it is his family and whether it is his future wife.

5 interesting facts about Itachi Uchiha, you amaze to know

Even though there is no such scene in the anime, as mentioned in the book of Itachi, Hitachi put into use genjutsu before killing Izumi. Where they both spent their entire lives together. When Izumi is 80 years old in genjutsu, she finally collapsed into Itachi’s hands And here we see that her death is caused by the oil next. Finally, she comes out of genjutsu. So Itachi killed every in real life.

Favorite character of kishimoto

When Kishimoto was asked about his favorite character, he simply said Itachi. He also told that if there was a fight between Itachi and madra, he would have easily defeated madra. fact number 4 as I mention, that Itachi would have easily defeated Madara. It has 2 regions. The first reason is that we know that how intelligent Itachi is. The second reason is that we have never seen the full potential of Itachi. For your information as we saw Itachi in Shippuden. He wasn’t even 50% of itachi’s power.

5 interesting facts about Itachi Uchiha, you amaze to know

But with some information, we can scale the power level of Itachi. 1 Obito never even tried Sasuke what the real truth of Itachi is. In fact, it was later revealed that Obito was actually afraid of it. When Itachi unlocked his magekiyo sharing. Then Itachi was 80℅ blind. Plus he was also going through a mysterious illness.
Due to which his stamina was 100% effective. We all know how powerful Obito is, and Obito was afraid of Itachi. So, guess how strong the prime Itachi was.

Itachi uchiha appearance

Actually, Itachi was not made so badass character from the beginning. The design of the Danzo was going to be the design of Itachi. However, at the last moment, itachi’s design was changed. Which is now the official character. So brother that’s it for today. Then we will meet in the next blog.

5 interesting facts about Itachi Uchiha, you amaze to know

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