Hey, Guys welcome back today we will discuss jujutsu kaisen that leaves behind other shonen anime such as demon slayer, and sit on the front seat with a bucket of popcorn. I am not gonna all those rubbish in this video like cheap Sasuke, cheap sakura. This will be different so, you better read the complete article The story began with yoji todaroki who is typically a high school student.

Jujutsu kaisen is the best anime or another shonen trash

Conversation between itadori and his grand father

he goes to meet his grandfather who is about to die and he is not that attached to his grandfather but for the shake of responsibility, he has to go. When he reached the hospital, he tries to flirt with the nurse for that his grandfather scolds him but he completely ignores all those words.

later, his grandpa dies and now he tries to think and understand all those things and which his grandfather told him. “To save the people” Further that he faces so many unusual and mysterious things in his life due to this he has to eat sukana’s finger.

I know it looks weird but if you see anime you enjoy that scene. Sakana was the king of all curses he tries to control ita Dori’s body but adores it somehow to overcome him. When he ate that finger he becomes the biggest threat to the whole world. Then, the cheap Kakashi has arrived and he reminds skank of his grandma. He easily manages to smash him.

After defeating him, he gives offered to adore either you die today or he has eaten to all those fingers of sukana and die then. Itadori reminds all those things which his grandpa always said. He thought if he will not save anyone His grandfather will gonna kill him.

That’s how he gets admission in jujutsu kaisen tech where

They teach all students to defeat curse monsters with the help of curse energy and this is not a comedy genre anime but these 2 characters will make you laugh throughout the anime.

Jujutsu kaisen is the best anime or another shonen trash

Goju and enimi two are completely badass characters and I am sure after watching this anime they will become your favorite. This anime is a full pack of action, thriller, suspense. if you are bored and try this anime it will bring your mood back.

If talking about its animation

Mappa studio did this work very well, there was a time when mappa studio comes one of those studios that do their work well but didn’t get any recognition. Then they change their animation style they use CGI in anime, in the beginning, they were criticized for that but later on, they get what they deserve big recognition. When they mix CGI with animation is literally fire. Mappa put all the effort to make this anime amazing which you can see in the details of every episode.

Jujutsu kaisen is the best anime or another shonen trash

Even they animate the rain in a perfect manner which you can see in every fight sequence and also in the intro too. When we talking about jujutsu kaizen animation it already goes head to head with demon slayers But those two have literally different anime styles so, I can’t tell which is better in terms of their animation. If you know then comment on me with your reason.

If talking about other characters of this anime

Apart from good and itadori if we talk about other characters they are too amazing. and the female character in team goju during the end fight scene of her. she makes me love with her And dodo what was that guy, what a cool guy he was? He already defeated more than 100 jujutsu sorcerers with his own hand. He is a completely one-man army. And when the fight begins with itadori and dodo it was just af.

Jujutsu kaisen is the best anime or another shonen trash

May in jujutsu many characters from other anime or manga but they are so cool that you can’t resist loving them. And the main villain of this series manito is inspired by Thanos he supposes that humans and curse monsters can live with each other. Maybe curse monster will eat all humans but he has to do that work.

Is jujutsu kaisen a another shonen trash

This shonen anime is different from other shonen anime. Where they resolve or fix all the mistakes which a typical shonen did. We will get soo many anime references in jutsu kaizen such as naruto, breach hunter x hunter, and many more. This anime will easily doom any of its characters for his/her character development

So, don’t be attached too much to any character, who knows you as that character will die in the next episode. So, this is it for today if you like the blog and share it with your jujutsu sorcerer we will meet again in the next blog till then bye bye says naara.

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