“How The Master Of Time Aka Kang The Conqueror Formed?”

Kang the Conqueror

According to the fan theory, Kang is going to appear in the Loki series.
But the official confirmation of this is from Ant-Man and Quantumina that we can see Kang in it And actor Jonathan Majors will play his role. But the question also comes to our mind that who is a Kang. And why is it so famous?

Today we will discuss the comic book story of this character. now see Kang’s Comic Book Story is very Complex because it Includes Time travel, Timelines, Multiple Kang, etc But I will keep it short and sweet. so that you will have a basic idea of it.

Origin of Kang

Kang’s childhood begins 900 years from now, in the future, in the 30th century.
Where Kang’s name was Nathalie Richard. Looking at his surname, it must be felt that he will be none other than Richard’s descendant from Fantastic 4 But there has also been such an event in the comic that it seems that he may also be a descendant of Doctor Doom And, therefore, its root is not clear.

Not only you, but Kang also felt this way too And due to a lack of clarity, Natalie started researching his past then he got to know about Dr. Richards and Doctor Doom of Earth 614’s Fantastic 4.

During this time he found an abandoned ford And here he also got a time machine too which belonged to his ancestor. Nathalie recreated that time machine and by using it he went to ancient Egypt. here Nathalie changed his identity.

How the master of time aka Kang the Conqueror formed?

Captured the whole of Egypt and became the new pharaoh Rama Tut of Egypt, he was like a god to the people there. After some time he realizes that there is a mutant named Insaborun .in the future he will gonna become apocalypse even tried to bring Insborun with him by any means that was only a child at that time. But Fantastic 4 reached there and then Nathalie was defeated by them.

Superpower of kang

If you do not know, then let me tell you that Nathalie Ricard does not have any superpower And Nathalie only depends on its future technology. And keep in mind that until now he was not to become Kang the Conqueror. After being defeated, Nethilie wants to go back to the 30th century with his time machine. Since this time machine is not working properly, a time storm causes it to move to the current timeline. In which Doctor Doom Fantastic 4, Avengers is also there.

How the master of time aka Kang the Conqueror formed?

Then he is found doctor doom, both of them have a long conversation, and he takes a new look after being inspired by doctor doom’s chit-chat. his new villain name is now Scarlett Century But even in the current timeline, he is badly defeated by the Avengers. And again he tries to go back to his timeline by his time machine And this time takes him to the 40th century instead of the 30th century.

When he comes in this era, he also sees that the whole world is engaged in war with those weapons which are from the 30th century not of his time, and how to use all these weapons, in the 40th century they don’t know. Obviously, Nathalie has come from the past, he is aware of these all technologies.

Then using the same weapons and technology, he upgrades himself and creates a shield for himself. And Conqueror the whole world And here he got a new title Kong the Counter. Even after this, he did not stop and took advantage of time travel, he Conqueror the whole galaxy in the same way.

Council of kang the conqueror

But yes such a galaxy which itself was between wars and battles and about to end on its own. Listen, you also know how Kang was formed. There is so much time travel in the story of this character that it also considers the master of time And because of so much time travel, there are other versions of him too. there was a council in the story of the multiverse.

Where all the kings of the universe are seen together and one of them was our prime Kang And this Prime Kang also had only one goal as was expected to Conqueror all times. Even till now, the idea has been taken that it must have been that Kang the Conqueror And as I said, it does not have any superpower of its own. But he has access to all Future Tech & Weapons And his Armor is also filled with similar technology.

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