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So, guys Loki’s 4th episode comes in front of us. In which Mobius destroyed, Loki destroyed and also timekeepers are also fake. The last time this feeling comes is watching infinity war and end game. When Thanos won and half of the heroes vanished And at the starting of the end game, Thanos died and infinity stones were destroyed. Yes, this episode is very amazing, and the cameo of lady sype and its mid-credit scene had stunned us.



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Now I will break down 4ht episode of Loki. so, without any further delay let’s jump on our main topic. This episode gave us a similar vibe of games of throne-like Death of main character and self-love. In this episode, you will find lots of details. First of all, we gonna talk about lady Loki’s childhoods. We already knew that Loki steals tesseract, runway, and change the timeline. That’s why TVA caught him but why caught sylve.

1st reason

But if we are talking about Sylvie, she just playing with her toys and ramona takes her away. If she was a girl then they caught her, but she was a girl from the very beginning why they didn’t catch her

2nd reason

When she plays with valkyries toys may she thought that in the future, she will become one of the valkyries and this thought create a nexus event so, TVA hunter rammona ranslayer caught her. We also see the past of ramona’s past .where she was a TVA hunter. It shows that she does very hard work to get that post. When Mobius sat with rammona then he casually says that they caught kri, titans, vampire here we notice that in the whole MCU There are 2 times when they talked or mention vampires.

1st time in Thor Ragnarok, where Korg told us about vampires. So, this is the way of MCU to tell us that in MCU VAMPIRES also exists. For his punishment, Mobius drop Loki into a time loop. Where after so many we again saw the lady sype of Jamie alexander.

old loki

So, before going to time-loop. We do talk of this perfect cameo. In the avenger end game, the Russo brothers just confirmed that after the Thanos snapped lady sype also vanishes. Then it is clear that she comes back after the hulk’s snaped and this is also confirmed we will again see lady sype in thor’s love and thunder.

Here we saw the same time loop as in the doctor strange movie. Where Loki falling from the sky for the last hour But, here lady sype comes to Loki and hit and abuse him again and again. Both time loop is similar but the new one is more hearted. In between the episode, Mobius says to


Loki that whatever he wants to become he can become And this quote also applies to us. It is immaterial on what timeline we belong or from? We can become whatever we want? we want to go, wherever we want? No TVA can control our timeline except ourselves. Mobius and the timeworker also knew that they are variants. then Romana and company erased them from reality. There is one thing which is undigestible that Romana knew this fact from the very beginning And she also knew about fake timekeepers And saying this will not wrong that she does it for others.


But we also saw Loki in the mid-credit scene where he saw his time varients. That means Mobius and other erased people are also alive in the different afterworld. If talking about its different variants. Then, many people knew that Richards grant will also appear in this series And here we see his appearance in the look of old Loki. By seeing this place it seems like he is stuck in ComicCon but this place is post-apocalyptic new york. Here we also saw the kid Loki, old Loki, Aligator Loki, and black Loki with his hammer.


loki varients

We want to see the timekeepers starting But here we find that the timekeepers were robots. sylve created the nexus event in 2nd episode as just an illusion. Sylve created this illusion to kill timekeepers when they are alone. Syle spent the whole of her life trying to kill timekeepers and here we saw the timekeepers are fake. Also the aging of as guardian is very slow .this means sylve put many 100 years of her planning. If you like the song in the mid-credit. It is the song (do you love me )by Miss Linda lelimi.

This episode is the more interesting episode of all. Also, tom Hiddleston says that in the interview that episode 4 and 5 is his favorite episode among all and it will go on very different zone after 4th episode.
And, here we assume that 5th episode may be on a different level.

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