Loki new episode again drops us on a cliffhanger

So, guys loki episode 5 also arrived in front of us. where we saw lots of easter eggs. In which one of the scenes was Thanos helicopter. There are lots of things that happen in this episode.

However, after teasing us in the post-credit scene of the last episode. Marvel delivers us what an amazing episode but also in this episode you will not gonna see a post-credit scene. In 5 episodes we see lots of things such as Thanoscopter, Ronnan the accuser’s dark ship, throg, a colossal helmet of yellow jacket, and thor’s original hummer Molinari also was there. Apart from this we also saw a comic character limbo. loki episode 5 breakdown

But now the real question is who is controls TVA?

So, the title of this episode is a journey of the mystery and truly this was a real mystery. However, the title of the journey of the mystery is derived from a comic where we saw thor for the first time. This episode is also like a journey, a journey to find out who is behind the Tva. Episode 5 begins where the post-credit scene of episode 4 ends. Where we saw kid-like and he told us that he is the person who kills thor. We saw the old classic loki for him they said he just escape from the hand of Thanos.

We also saw the old loki

who is bluffing And finally, we got a chance to see the alligator loki? Nobody knows he tells the truth that he is the original loki or he is somebody. However, this statement itself proves that this was the correct statement.

old Loki

The place(void) where the loki reached to after doom. A place where all things which are doomed comes here. Here, we see the avenger tower which was destroyed. on which wrote the word gang. In the comic book, the gang enterprise belongs to Nathalie Richards which is the original name of Kang.

As we know that in spiderman homecoming that avenger tower is sold, What happens if the new buyer of this tower is Nathalie Richards But, a real question arises here why would drown Kang enterprises.

After that, we see a big yellow jacket helmet. Last time we saw a yellow jacket where he becomes small and not a giant. Maybe this yellow jacket kills scout after becoming big. Then, TVA drowned him here and all things do reset. At that point, few people know that the suit of ant man also become big. We also got to see a living throg in a cage.

Details we find in this episode

Here we also saw the ship of ronnon. I suppose that in any timeline ronnon hit his hammer on Xander and then TVA Goes there to reboot the timeline. If you look, you will see that TVA did also the right work along with the wrong ones. Romona’s ranslayer told Sylvie that she even don’t know that who is behind TVA. But this is so odd in itself.

A senior officer of the department doesn’t know for whom they are working. However, Sylvie and ranslayer try to reach the tva in their own way. Here, we again got to see a quick look at a scene which are also in the mid-credit of episode 4. Where we see loki is standing out of the castle. Once tva doomed anyone he goes to the place(void). Where a creature name Edith finishes him off.

Loki new episode again drops us on a cliffhanger

In comics, Edith is a cosmic creature who escapes from the time constraint and then attacks Kang’s planet. Where Kang captures him with the help of the avenger and then decides to leave him to the realm of tva.

The amazing part of this episode is to watch disappointed loki to see his other varients fight each other. At last Loki and Sylvie coming comes together and I remember an interview where the interviewer asked to tom Hiddleston that who will be the love interest of yours in this series then he told us “we should love ourselves”.

Now, we had known what he really means? Here Loki and Sylvie told us that they felt cold. as we already knew that they were a frost giant.

Now, talking about this castle. It gives vibes of doom castle. Why marvel uses This name is here. According to some fans, the mastermind of all these is Loki.

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