How is morbius related to spider man no way home?

Morbius trailer easter eggs

welcome back to everyone the new Morbius trailer reveals Jared Leto as the Sony spider-man antihero Morbius the living vampire hunka hunka who appears to exist in the venom corner of the Sony spider-verse but according to a few Easter eggs a corner net shares a we alley way back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe I am gonna explain who Morbius is and what the spider-man, this mean in a shot-by-shot breakdown of everything you missed in this trailer


it’s more a warning in case I predict anything to accurately and let’s get started Michael I’ve learned you since
you were a child you even give it you always have okay this opening clip introduces us to a young Michael Morbius a kid with a rare blood disorder that requires him to walk with crutches

the comics this condition makes adult Michael Morbius look beast-like but here in movie it makes him look like the lead singer two thirty Seconds to Mars he attends what looks like a Greek Orthodox school notice the priests the Greek lettering and the school name in the comics Morbius comes from Greece and it
is at this school where he meets his

who is morbius ?

mentor figure played by Jared Harris whom I think could be playing a version of Morbius his friend and assistant in the comics Nico’s but Harris’s character remains unnamed at the moment for reasons that I’ll get to later the music that we hear is the famous Beethoven composition he release published 40 years after Beethoven’s death with the

identity of this Elise lover remaining a mystery this song choice could reflect Morbius his life after death though it’s not dead in the sense that most vampires are he’s a living vampire more on that bit or it could refer to Morbius is eternal passion for his love Martine a woman

what diesese morbius suffering from ?

he can never be with because he might call the blood out of her as young Michael recovers in a hospital ward he shows off his genius by playing chess against no one it’s still somehow losing pawns look it’s a tough game he moves his Bishop to c4 a nod to his Greek Orthodox Bishop could this Jared Harris maybe Nico’s be a bishop am I reading too much into this probably let’s move on if there’s a non-securedisease we’ll find it

I should have died here’s ago why am I still here not to fix this okay as he does in the comments dr. Morbius wins a Nobel Prize yet here during his acceptance speech he doesn’t look so good I’m wondering

if he’ll faint and that could further his desperation into finding a cure for this terminal illness and notice that the studio title cardsinclude these specific wording inassociation with Marvel due to the New Deal inked between Disney and Sony last yearMarvel Studios will continue toconsult on Sony Marvel properties like Morbius and venom but that does not firmly makethem part of the MarvelCinematic Universe with the Avengers


movies and Thor and Doctor Strange and all those guys but Morbius and venom do weirdly share a universe with the live-action spider-man films homecoming far from home since those are jointly Sony and Disney Productions

so Tom Holland could show up in mortgages or venom – or either of those films post-credit scenes Holland himself has two movies left on his contract as spider-man one of which will be a third spider-man movie coming in summer 2021 perhaps that could be a sinister six movie that Morbius in venom 2 could set up with the second being another unnamed

How morbius move will connect with spiderman no way home?

MCU team-up film in the future now I have posed a theory in the past that that deal could have been designed by Disney to flood their studio with enough profit from licensing the spider-man character for merchandise and other things so

sinister six

that in maybe three or four years they could be able to buy out Sony’s Marvel properties but enough of the businessí stuff back to Morbius Morbius works in a medical research facility he treats some sick childrenbut also he seeks treatment for himself more on that backstory in the next clip

I have a rare blood disease and at a time this can be my last chance you know just something what is so
Morbius works with his research assistant fiancee Martine Bancroft played by Adria Arjuna

in the comics
Morbius attempts to cure his disease by experimenting on himself with vampire bats and electrotherapy transforming himself into a living vampire with vampiric powers who is not technically dead because his vampiric powers come from science not supernatural

Morbius in sinister six ?

means Morbius was introduced as a horror themed spider-man villain in the early70s the amazing spider-man issues 101 and 102 when Peter Parker gave himself for extra arms coolthe lizard dr. Connors helped Peterderived a serum from Morbius his blood that cured him now interestingly later in the Marvel comics a bite from Morbiusallowed blade to live with the powers of the vampire and none of the weaknesses so we could be looking at the origins of

how the MCU might introduce mo Hershel Holly as blade in the future that is if they all do end up living in one big universe more bass eventually became less of a pure villain and more of an antihero defending the innocent tortured over a separation from Martine in order to try to keep her safe and this whole antihero approach is kind of the way the Sony spider-verse featured Eddie Brock in their adaptation of the venom lethal protector storyline let’s move on that’snot exactly I want to see you get hurt more than you already have this would be a cure so after making a discovery about

power & blood of vamipre ?

the blood of a vampire bat in his lab it now appears that Morbius has ventured to this exotic cave and searched for living swarms of the bats he mentions how this isn’t strictly legal notice how we paid off the guy in cash perhaps these bats are like a protected species Morbius cuts his palm with the blood trickling down and forming what almost


morbius part of mcu

looks like the Greek letter Y which in mathematics is the never Indian irrational number representing the ratio
of a circles circumference to its diameter the circumference being the outer perimeter the diameter being the
bisecting line the way that this moment represents the eternal irrational keybetween Morbius -is outer self and that which divides them internally or maybe

it’s just all the ratio between crackpot and a what cost okay Morbius is exposing his blood to
the bats which swarm at him while he stands behind this device which might activate something in the blood as his blood in the bat saliva fuse with a kind of electrical signal so all of this means that if you happen to have an open paper cut on your finger

and then you shock that finger on a doorknob used by a vampire recently you too can be on gone. it’s science now before we continue I just gonna want to point out that this Morbius trailer caught me by surprise I happen to not get a whole lot of sleep the night before one way I was able to wake up from the dead and power through this was with a nice can of bang energy

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