Naruto Shippuden fillers to skip,you need not watch?

Naruto Shippuden fillers to skip

Naruto Shippuden fillers to skip, Naruto is a typical shonen anime with an incredible story and too many emotional and memorable scenes. but, there is a problem with terrible filler episodes filled with this anime in this article I will tell you fillers of naruto that you can skip. It will not affect your main storyline and you can enjoy the whole anime without watching any filler.

Naruto Shippuden fillers to skip

Quick list

Manga Canon Episodes:20-2326-2729-4446-4851-535572-88113-114116-126129-143152-169172-175197-212214-222243-253255-256261-270272-278282-283296-302321-323325-326329332-337339-345363-375378-384387391-393414418420-421424-425459463470473-477484-500

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:1-1924-254549-50545689-90115127-128213254324327-328330-331338346362385-386415419426451-458460-462469471-472478-479

Filler Episodes:2857-7191-112144-151170-171176-196223-242257-260271279-281284-295303-320347-361376-377388-390394-413416-417422-423427-450464-468480-483

why fillers?

The filler episode is not connected with the main storyline and manga, but to get some time for manga they add fillers. So, they can complete manga chapters without any interruption. That’s why many anime production houses use fillers to engage fans toward anime

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