who will be the new otsutsuki member confirmed?

How was the otsutsuki clan created?

In this blog, we will cover that when and how Kishimoto thinks that he will create the otsutsuki clan. We also predict the new otsutsuki member comes to earth.


Otsutsuki clan origin explained. A new otsutsuki member confirmed

Kaguya otsutsuki
First, we gonna talk about why he created the otsutsuki clan. Kishimoto says that in a podcast that Madara is became so much powerful at that point. If he will be defeated by Naruto and Sasuke, this may ruin the story. so, Kishimoto decides at that point to introduce Kaguya otsutsuki.

Later on in the story, Kaguya introduces as a mother of the sage of six paths. for that is justified for the power level of Kaguya. Just think, if Kaguya introduces without any perfect justification then what was the reaction of fans. In short, if we summarising the whole story then Kishimoto only introduces Kaguya because Madara became a damm op.

But people also say that there was one more to introduce the otsutsuki clan. That Kishimoto got his next contract of boruto next generation and he only creates a basic plot for it. This also makes sense, right. We didn’t know what was his main reason behind introducing the otsutsuki clan.

But, he gets an idea of Kaguya otsutsuki from Japanese mythology.
If you saw Doraemon and shin chan in your childhood then you definitely heard the story. This story is also called “A tale of bamboo cutter in Japanese methodology. There is a princess in the story called Kaguya and she has been sent to the moon for the sake of earth because is like an alien creature and her family lives on the moon.

Therefore, we saw in the story that hogoromo and hamura seal his mother on the moon. Here, doing lots of research I found that it may be possible like Kaguya otsutsuki, another member of the otsutsuki clan also taken from any mythology. Guess what happen?
I reached the same plot where Kishimoto was inspired by the creation of the otsutsuki clan.

Isshiki otsutsuki

Otsutsuki clan origin explained. A new otsutsuki member confirmed

He is inspired by the story of ishin Kotaro which also belongs to Japanese mythology. This story is based on a samurai were known as Isshin bosh in whose height was just 1inch.isshiki otsutsuki Kishimoto inspired from here and make a shrinking ability for Nishiki methodology. Momoshiki otsutsuki Likewise Kaguya and isshiki,momoshiki also inspired by Japanese mythology. He is inspired by the very famous story of Momotaro. I will discuss Momotaro in the next blog, it will help me and you to get more details of the future.

Urashiki otsutsuki

Otsutsuki clan origin explained. A new otsutsuki member confirmed

urashiki otsutsuki
He is also inspired by Japanese mythology. He is inspired by the story of urashiki taro. Just use both pictures you didn’t like that both are the same. In Japanese mythology, he goes into the water sitting on the turtle. On the other hand, in the anime, he goes back to the time sat on the turtle. you didn’t like this is a deep reference.

Kinshiki otsutsuki

Otsutsuki clan origin explained. A new otsutsuki member confirmed

Again going with the flow,kinshiki is also inspired by Kintaro from the story of Japanese methodology. Yes, there is no such similarity between Kintaro and kinshiki but in the story, Kintaro consider as a giant, and also he has a cool ax.

Next otsutsuki

Here our discussion about all otsutsuki has been finished which we already saw in the anime. If you notice that all new otsutsuki which we discussed here having a common word “TARO” After, so much research. I get that there are no specific means of the word TARO. it is basically a kanji word and it completely depends upon you that on which writing system you write it.

Otsutsuki clan origin explained. A new otsutsuki member confirmed

There are mainly 2 writing skills in japan KATAKANA and HIRAGANA. And I think here taro means a main character or hero from a certain story. If I skip my opinion then in the future we can see a new otsutsuki which inspired by the story of shipataro.

This is the story where shipataro and a warrior mukashi kill the demon cats. Definitely, in the future, we will get a chance to see many otsutsuki. Which will even more powerful than Kaguya,momoshiki and isshiki Ok guys that’s it for today We will meet again in the next story till then bye-bye sayonara. if you like this blog please like and share it with your friends with benefit.

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