Top 10 Romance Anime You’ll Ever Need to Know

Top 10 Romance Anime according to IMDB

Romance Anime ,There are plenty of romance in anime, and according to IMDb, these ten romantic anime series are by far the most binge-worthy.

When it comes to anime, we deal with a wide range of genres. Think again if you thought anime was only
about supernatural, mecha, and action. There are many different types of anime, and one of the most
popular is romance. There’s something for everyone in the romance genre, which is further divided into
various subgenres. On one hand, you have light-hearted romantic comedies and on the other,
there are dramatic romances.

10. KAMISAMA KISS (2012), IMDB 8.1

Based on the manga by the same name by Julietta Suzuki, Kamisama Kiss combines Shōjo and the
supernatural. It traces the story of a young girl, Nanami Momozono rendered homeless by her father’s
debt. Unfettered by her woes, she’s a sweet little darling who goes out of her way to help strangers.

Nanami saves a man from ferocious dogs by chance, and her life is never the same again. The man kisses
her on the forehead as a gesture of thanks before offering her his abandoned home as a place to stay.
Nanami is now a diety, and the abandoned location is a shrine.
She falls in love with her old friend Tomoe in an almost otherworldly way (a fox). As it examines the gamut
of love between humans and nonhumans, the romance cuts deep.

9. TORADORA! (2008-2011), IMDB 8.1

Romance Anime

Toradora! is an anime that combines school comedy and romance. It tells the storey of Ryuuji, who is far
from being the delinquent he appears to be. Taiga, his next-door neighbour, is similarly fiery for her

The two neighbours, relying on the ‘appearances are deceptive theme,’ assist each other with
their individual crushes. But before you know it, they’re head over heels in love.
Toradora! is a special treat if you’re in it for the long haul, as it depicts how love develops over time.

8. CROSS GAME (2009-2010) IMDB 8.2

Cross game

Cross Game is the first anime game to effectively tackle all four anime genres at the same time: sports,
romance, comedy, and school. It’s one of those ‘young-love’ stories that transports you back to your
childhood. It depicts the storey of Kou and Aoba, who are initially enemies. It’s fun to watch the cat and
mouse game.

Although Kou is supposed to be with Aoba’s elder sister, the plot does not proceed that way. It turns out
that all Koi and Aoba needed to reignite their romance was a game of baseball. It is a typical Adachi -anime
that is deserving of all the acclaim.

Romance Anime according to IMDB



A musical rom-com anime that traces Shinichi and Nodame’s romance. Shinichi, a musical prodigy dreams
to play with the elites of Europe. The only thing keeping him back is his fear of flying. And Cupid, of course.
As a result, Shinichi is forced to enroll at a music university in Japan.

It is here that he lands onto Megumi
Noda. Unimpressed by her ditzy behaviour at first, he soon learns about her musical genius. Opposites
truly attract, first Megumi and then Shinji. Nodame Kantâbire is a roller-coaster romance, both
heartwarming and endearing.



Another romantic anime, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, is coming from Toradoralead !’s
production unit. This one, on the other hand, is unique in that it blends supernatural and romantic themes.
Jinta Yadomi is a recluse who spends his days playing video games. We discover the missing component
in Jinta’s narrative when he experiences a vision of his long-dead buddy Menma.

Menma reappears in Jinta’s life, and he and his old friends rejoin to lay her soul to rest. This anime deals with the grief of losing
a loved one. Jinta Yodami adopts the life of a hermit in order to cope with sadness following the death of
a loved one.

5. KIDS ON THE SLOPE (2012), IMDB 8.3

Kids on the slope

Kids on the Slope, another musical romance on the list, creates a lasting impact. Not only does the anime
portray romance well. It’s a charming portrayal of friendship, love, and music.

It’s a 1966 period drama that starts with Koru Nishimi, a loner. That is until he meets his polar opposite,
Sentarou Kawabuchi, a Jazz aficionado. Ritsuko Mukae, a charming girl, appears and befriends the two.
The three bond over jazz while delving into the subject of love.

4. FRUITS BASKET (2019-Current), IMDB 8.3

Fruit basket

This is a must-see series for any shojo anime fan, and guess what? It’s free! There are a couple of them!
There was a Fruits Basket anime in the early 2000s, although its graphics are now a little old. So, this
gorgeously animated remake was launched.

The famous tale of Tohru Honda and the cursed Sohma family is back and better than ever, and it has it
all: people changing into animals, high school shenanigans, deep drama and sorrow, amazing humour,
and some of the finest anime romance we’ve ever seen.

3. NANA (2006-2007), IMDB 8.4


Nana Komatsu is someone with whom every girl may identify in some manner. She has a tendency to fall
in love without hesitation in her post-adolescence. Nana is chasing her musician boyfriend Shouji Endo on
this occasion.

She travels to Tokyo on the same train as Nana Osaki, another musician. The two Nanas rapidly become
friends. What begins as a casual discussion quickly develops into a romantic relationship. We observe how
day-to-day challenges begin to impact the two women’s friendship as they become housemates.

2. CLANNAD: AFTER STORY (2008-2009), IMDB 8.6


This is an after tale to the critically acclaimed slice of life anime, Clannad. Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship
progresses as they complete high school. Nagisa assists Tomoya, the deadly hero, in leading a happy life.
The pair confronts life head-on, and their love deepens through time. It’s worth noting that Clannad: The
After Story is a tragic storey.

Clannad: After Story’s genuine core is found in its soundtrack. When you combine it with amazing
animation, it’s easy to see why it’s ranked second.

1. YOUR LIE IN APRIL (2014-2015), IMDB 8.6

Your lie in April

What is it about musicals and romance that makes them so appealing? What is it about musical prodigies
and sassy gals that makes them so appealing? The stories appear to be popular with the audience
(Nodame Kantâbire). Despite its similar narrative, Your Lie In April will always have a position on any prized

It portrays the storey of Kousei Arima, a pianist who quits up following his mother’s death. But, as the
saying goes, love finds you in your mess.

Enter Kaori Miyazono, a lovely violinist who assists Kousei in reclaiming his life. A side note: don’t let too
simplified title fool you; Your Lie In April is a love tragedy that tackles the difficult issues of loss, suffering,
acceptance, and learning to go on.

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