Appearance of saitama

after knowing that your views completely changed towards opm. WHAT MAKES SAITAMA SO ADORABLE? Let me ask you a question what is that thing that differentiates Saitama from others. Is that his looks? Or his personality. We know its powers make him totally different from others. Due to his power level, we compare Saitama with Goku. With the help of his power, he was able to burst a giant meteor with his single barely hand. Isn’t that osm?


But the point is that what the secret behind his whole powers As mention in chapter number 11 and episode no 3 of one punch man he reveals the secret of his powers. he told that anyone can become like me if he does run daily 10km and 100pushup 100squats. This is the same statement that Saitama told. We all know that this statement doesn’t make any sense and yet the Saitama power’s secrets are unrevealed. So, why they told such a baseless reason for the viewers?

Differences between one punch man and other anime?

I think, unlike other anime where the main character pass from the hardcore training then they become stronger and stronger. One punch man writer really wants to motivate you that’s why he decided to tell this reason so, you can relate Saitama and motivate from him do training.


Saitama traning and his intelligence

I think after seeing this many try this exercise in a home even I also tried it. And look at my transformation. After seeing his appearance some people think that he is a big fool. Which is completely wrong. If you know the fight between Saitama and Boros where Boros kicked Saitama and throw him into the moon. For returning to the earth, he first the moon gravity by himself then he applies pressure with his power and also makes a good landing. This makes this man a complete genius .who calculate it within a second.

one punch man is a parody ?

Some people say that one punch man is the parody of a panch man. they both use red and yellow colors for their dress. they both wore the same cap. And the most important similarity between them is that they were completely bold. I know you haven’t an idea about a panch man. A pan man is basically an anime tv series which were aired in Japan in the late ’70s. People that one punch man is a parody of one pan man however Saitama dressing like him to tribute him. The writer of one punch man also was a big fan of a pan man At his child age.

why Saitama is so special from others?

The fans of one punch man can debate in every single term of opm. It may be his powers or his strength or related to his mind. He is the best but the fans of one punch man do not argue in the debate about his face Because his face looks like an egg. But it also has deep facts the author of opm he clearly stated that they knowingly draw Saitama that much simpler. He wants that even the average guy can connect with Saitama.


Unlike other anime where the main character is way beautiful and handsome. He keeps Saitama‘s look and faces very simple because he believes that heros beauty comes from their spirit and not from their faces or personality. That’s why they show Saitama a very simple and average looks guy. The co-writer Murata wants that Saitama is a handsome guy whereas the author refuses him.

So, later he decides he will make other characters more cool, beautiful, and handsome than Saitama.
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