Is sanemi a really strong demon slayer(3)?

welcome you all to this new article in the Hashira series And today we are going to talk about The Wind Pillar Sanemi Shinazugawa. There are not going to be many spoilers in the blog. because we. We are going to discuss the origin of the sanemi itself.


So let’s start.

Sanemi is a bad character for anime watchers after seeing so much as Sanami is shown in Season 1 But those who read manga like me will know what an osm character Sanemi Shinazugawa is.

Origin of Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi lived with his 7 siblings. And he was the eldest brother among them. his father used to abuse his mother and all his siblings. Finally one day his father dies. After this, gradually the condition of Sanemi’s house starts badly.

And one day when his mother does not come back home on time. he became Anxious, he goes out of the house to find them but then there is a knock on the door And when the door opens, we see that his mother turns into a demon. It was over To save his siblings, he tries to get his mother out. And he left his brother Geniya to protect the rest of the siblings.

Is sanemi a really strong demon slayer

He goes out to get medicine to save his siblings. And he sees that his mother is dead and Sanemi has a sword in his hand. And he called his brother a murderer Since then, Ganiya starts hating Sanemi And after killing her mother and hearing all this from her brother, Sanemi gets depressed. And then he has to go out alone to hunt the demons. even, Sanmei had not a Nichiren blade,

he didn’t know anything about how to kill demons and no demon slayer corps. But now all he had to do was kill those demons. Sanami used to trap demons till the sun rises kept in the net. Sanemi had no interest in living anymore. Even if he dies while killing the demons, it doesn’t matter.

what are the powers level of wind hashira aka sanemi?

Later, Sanemi came to know that it was just luck that he escaped from the demons every time. Because his blood had a different kind of fragrance which made the demon less focused. Otherwise, he would have been dead And one-day Sanemi meets the wind Piller Masa Chika Kamino. Masa Chika trained him, together they kill many demons

But one day while fighting with Lower Moon 1, Masa Chika was killed. It is sanemi who survives and after that Sanemi gets promoted and becomes Hashihra. That’s why the behavior of Sanemi Shanazugawa remains very rude and aggressive. And this is why he hates the demon so much. who will not hate demons after suffer so much?

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