Reason why sasuke is the chakra sucker

Technically,even tho the rinnegan can be too costly in terms of energy, sasuke should not face major chakra isues regardless ,knowing that kurama stated that his level of chakra manipulation was on par with that of hagoromo , who is prolly the being in naruto with that of best chakra control. furthmor one of the basic rinegan ability is literally to absord and reuse chkra. yet sasuke never even tried to absorb any chakra, despite being supposedly

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Basic Rinnegan ability +sasuke’s god level chakra manipulating chakra

this chakra issue is even more ridiculous when we know that in shippuden sasuke didn’t only absorbed chakra comint from energy blasts like other rinnegan users. with a simple contact with naruto ,he converted kyubi’s cakra into < chakra all while absorbing it .his level of chakra manipulation was absolutely out of this world .not even mentioning his chakra.

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Dude absorbed the chakra quantity of all tailed beasts in mere seconds

sasuke literally absorbed simultaneously and from a distance the chakra of all the tailedbeasts in mere seconds him running out of chakra and not even trying to absorb chakra coming from energy blasts at least ,makes absolutely zero sense and is a major incoherence with the naruto lore.sasuke being nerferd in baruto is not an exageration or an overstatement ,it is a fact .

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