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5. craven the hunter


Still craven the hunter didn’t appear in any of the superhero movies. So, many fans thought that who the hell this character was. But, recently sony planned or announced a movie on craving. Marvel teams also discuss this character with eren den johnson. a hunter who takes down other superheroes for the sake of money. He only hunts superheroes who are animal-inspired characters. This character is also a psychopath so, you will understand what kind of chaos is in future MCU movies. It is too difficult to tell how sony will be able to manage to bring all villains into the same universe.

4. Mysterio

Any you ask any person a favorite spiderman villain, who only follow MCU. It will surely be quinten back Mysterio. He deserves this position because marvel beautifully portrays this character. In Marvel comics, he was a worker who gives effect in films. where he also learns how to create illusions.


But, it’s amazing how many releases this character with iron man and mark technology And with the help of his technology, Mysterio kept everyone in a shade of a lie. It is too osm to watch. If you think Mysterio died then you will be wrong Mysterio is not a person or man he is an organization And the organization never dies. They will surely show Mysterio again in future MCU movies.

3.Doctor octopus

So, how does doctor Oliver octopus says hello to peter in the trailer of spiderman no home? It was on fire. If you remember the first trilogy of spiderman. where Tobie Maguire portrays a spiderman character for them it likes dream come to true moments. After so many years, seeing old doc oc in the MCU movie is more like a dream for fans. So, doctor octopus is one of the most dangerous villains of spiderman. In Marvel comic, doctor Oliver octopus creates many villains such as create vulture, make venom serum.


Now, Alfred original again plays the doctor octopus character from where he leaves .he was the one who created a team of sinister 6 in a comic book. So, you had a little bit of idea of how crazy it will be.

2. Venom

Here, I don’t need to introduce venom. From his solo movie which was a super hit on the box office and everyone knows who is venom. Now, Sony is about to plan a new venom movie. The origin of this character is too osm and different from other villains. In Marvel comics, doctor Oliver’s octopus created venom but in movies, they change his origin.


Where we saw he is a kind of alien species. He comes from outer space from experimental settle. They all survive by eating other creatures and live as a host of creatures. Venom symbiotes are too important for the story of venom verse or rather I say for the multiverse. After its second movie, it becomes clear how venom connects to the MCU spider-verse. One day he will crossover with spiderman.

1.Green goblin

the green goblin took place of no 1. whether it may be green goblin from Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman or green goblin from the amazing spiderman 2 or green goblin who will definitely appear in spiderman no way home. MCU already tease us from the possibility of the appearance of green goblin in spiderman no way home. it doesn’t matter who will portray this character in spiderman no way home because this will become an integrated part of the spiderman movie. in marvel comic Mr. norman oscorp and harry oscorp get an inherited disease for which they gradually convert into a goblin after a certain age. they cannot find out the cure of their disease but a weapon which combined with their strength and become him unbreakable.


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