DO you know the top 10 villains of spiderman

if we talking about the most popular superhero character then you all say ”spiderman”, it’s not only about his powers but the villains of spiderman which make this character,

so much popular and fans who don’t know about any superhero being will also be aware of our friendly neighborhood spiderman. The reasons for his popularity are he is comic accurate, relatable, emotional, filled with many surprises at last but not least spiderman’s most iconic villains. today we will see that the top 10 villains of spiderman in marvel comics and movies so, without any delay let’s just hit our main topic.

10.Morbius & spiderman

yes, Morbius is not the strongest villain of spiderman but he was one of those villains. sony is about to bring a movie about the origin of Morbius. after the trailer of Morbius movie many people notice this character. if you didn’t aware of this character then let me tell you this character is way too osm.


who cure his diseases with the help of bats. later he converted into a bat or rather I say a living vampire. Morbius also has so many powers and abilities such as echolocation, superhero stand, durability, speed, and many more. As I early mention he is a living vampire so, it also has the thrust of blood. this will be crazy to see how will Morbius connect other spiderman and venom movies

9.Sand man

He comes as one of the strongest villains of spiderman. the origin story of this villain is also crazy. during an accident, his body changed its structure to the molecular level. boom, he got sandman powers and unbreakable strength.

sand man john cena spiderman villains

sandman has so many powers due to his geography become sand he can’t die, he can shapeshift, he rapidly heals himself. if you already saw spiderman 3 then you have a little bit of idea that how powerful sandman becomes. this will be a rumor but sandman may appear in spiderman no way home. if this will happen, I love to watch John Cena play this iconic character.

8. Lizard

A scientist used the DNA of a lizard to cure his hand. he thought that how it regenerates his tail again, so he can replicate the lizard. during his experiment, he becomes a lizard. he is one of the most popular villains of spiderman.


I love to see the rivalry of spiderman and lizard. in real life lizards also consume other spiders in their natural habitats. we already saw this character in the amazing spiderman. where justified this character very well. now, we don’t have any idea what will happen to this character whether this will appear in MCU future movies or not.

7.Vulture & spiderman


I didn’t like this character but when marvel choose this character to play the role of their first villain in the spiderman movie, later I saw this character in spiderman homecoming.

where this character uses the tech of the chitories army. and yes in the future we will definitely get a chance to see this character in future MCU movies till then we have to wait.

6. Electro

A worker who is a fan of spiderman, during an accident he fell into the tank of ill fish and become electro. don’t know why most of the villains get their powers during the accident. by the way, he comes the most powerful villain of MCU.

yellow electro spiderman villains

he already appears in the amazing spiderman 2. where he fought with spiderman, again the VFX, live-action, fight sequence of this movie is way far from other movies.

this character will also appear in spiderman no way home. it’s confirmed. due to overloading in the end scene of the amazing spiderman. his color changed from blue to yellow. marvel brings this character in their main universe with this full potential.

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