Will Thanos mom appear in the Eternals?

Hey everyone welcome back to this blog we will discuss the theory of the mother of Thanos. rumors have been coming that Young Thanos will appear in the eternal movie. creators also say that they will show us the origin of Thanos in this movie.

what are the Rumors from the eternal ?

Now, we have many rumors from the eternal. One of which is the character of Angelina Jolie in the Eternals movie would be the mother of Thanos. So, later I will discuss this in more detail. Without any delay let’s just jump to our main topic.

Will Thanos mom appear in the Eternals?Will Thanos mom appear in the Eternals?

When the project of the Eternals is about to start Then makers confirm that the Eternals will be the most SciFi movie of marvel studio of all time. It will work as plot filler in the marvel studio. It means they answer many things. which we didn’t have any idea.

what is the Quest of thanos?

Now, when the shooting has been completed of this movie so, we have a little bit of idea that what they will answer in this movie. The first question will be what is the origin of Thanos. 2nd question would be how they planned to put infinity stones in a different location.

what is the Origin of thena in marvel comic ?

So, let’s address our first question. How do they show us the origin of Thanos and who will be the parents of Thanos? The strong sources already confirmed that the character of Angelina Jolie “thena” will be the mother of Thanos in the MCU. A little reference from the comic book where Athena’s original name was eternal, but they changed her name in the movie.

Will Thanos mom appear in the Eternals?

Maybe the strongest villain of MCU also got his name from her mother’s name. Now the detail which I am going to tell you. Which is more shocking than the main villain of this movie crow will be the father of Thanos.

So, first, we have to understand the comic book origin of Thanos. Where he is eternal but he is also suffering from the devient syndrome disease. for that reason,

his power is more like with other eternal but he looks different. May they will change this concept in MCU and show us that Thanos was the child of a devient and an eternal. again a strong reference in a comic book where thena and crow were in a relationship.

who is the father of Thanos ?

When the leaked image of the eternal action figure has arrived then some of the things have been starting to clear because the photo of the crow also comes there. If you closely look at the figure of the crow then you will notice that the armor of the crow is about to be similar to Thanos

.Will Thanos mom appear in the Eternals?

Now I am completely sure about this theory that definitely they will show us the same concept in the movie. Where Thanos will be the child of an eternal and a devient and also he got his power, name and villian motive from his mother thena and his father.

How marvel switch the relationship of their character?

One more thing I will add here is that the comic book thena was not a mother of Thanos but a cousin of Thanos. Also, Thanos has different parents in the comic book. Maybe this will be changed in the movie and shows thena as a mother of Thanos. It isn’t difficult for MCU to change the relationship between the two characters.

Like they showed as loki was the sister of hella but in the comic book, she was the daughter of loki. I will cover the answer to 2nd question in the next blog if you don’t wanna miss it you can simply visit our channel

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