Top 10 Alternative spiderman in the marvel universe

As you already knew that there are so many alternative timelines in the alternative marvel universe. For which reason, there are so many alternative spidermen already appear in the Marvel comic. So, today I will tell you 10 alternative versions of spiderman which are appeared in the marvel comics.


Top 10 Alternative spiderman in the marvel universe

yes, you hear right .he is an alternative version of spiderman. who is a monkey? This spider monkey belongs to earth 8101. In this universe, all the characters were money whether iron man or wolverine. The story of this earth is similar to the story of earth 616. Also, the powers of this spider monkey quite resemble the powers of our peter parker.

Superior spider-man

The story of this spiderman is osm. doctor octopus for saving himself goes into peter’s body. after adding peter’s powers and octopus brain. He becomes the superior spiderman of that universe.

Spider-man India

Top 10 Alternative spiderman in the marvel universe

After seeing the popularity of spiderman in the Indian community .stan lee gave the Indians their spiderman. Now, this is spiderman from India so, he wore a sherwani and his name was pavitra Prabhakar also the name of merry Jain was Mira Jain and uncle bheem.


Top 10 Alternative spiderman in the marvel universe

The original name of this character is a condition And also radioactive spider bit her in the comics, Then he get powers that were quite similar to the power of spiderman. but they hide her for a while.
Later peter parker frees her then they both decide to team up.

Spider-man brucebanner

In an alternative timeline, peter parker comes in the contact radiation of gamma rays become hulk on the other hand bruce banner who was bitten by a radioactive spider then become spiderman. I know it likes a bit odd but imagines it. according to the story, it may quite interesting.

6 spider-man noir

Top 10 Alternative spiderman in the marvel universe

Spider-man Movies It is set in an alternate universe where its story is set during the Great Depression of the ’90s. Where many spiders exit from a very old statue and attack Peter Parker, after which he has many new abilities and powers which were very similar to the rest of spider-man and all the other spider-man The story of Spider-Man War is a bit dark and a little black in tone, seeing this you may remember the story of Batman, then we can call it a tribute to Batman of the MCU.

7.spider-man 2099

spiderman 2099

As you must have known from the name, this is the story of Spider-Man and Spider-Man in 2099 of the future And here you will be surprised to know one thing that this spiderman was not bitten by any spider. Unfortunately in 2099, a Payo engineer poisons Maclay O’Hara, his employer, to remove it, he experiments on his body, now it’s okay here, but he understands all the superpowers somewhere The Other Spider-Man Is Just Like It Was And Here Happens The Spider-Man Title Of 2099 And You Will Be Surprised To Know That It Comes To Some Of The MCU Characters Who Have Picked Up Thor’s Hammer

8.cosmic spiderman

cosmic spiderman

And it also exits in another universe of multiples and as the name suggests it spider-man has cosmic power which makes spider-man the most powerful superhero of his universe you can call it silver surfer grace Rain can understand quite similar

9.miles morales

Miles Morales is the most popular spider-man of all spider-man and now this character is also in the MCU I will be able to see in comics, this character replaces the ultimate spider-man after his death, but do you know, in the movie, these two characters should show us working together?

10.iron spider

iron spider

Iron Spider We have already seen the Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man Homecoming and Infinity War where we found out how osm this suit was in the comic book This character exits Earth 4143 Also part of Iron Man’s Pro Registration Team In this, he uses the hi-tech suit iron spider given by Tony Stark, then he does video calling, then this was my top ten spider man, if you liked the block, then you can like the block as well as share it with your friends. You can visit our channel for more such updates, can you get to see more such amazing contacts.

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