Uchiha clan is coming in the four noble clans of Konoha village and consider as the strongest clan of the hidden leaf village. Their Sharingan and battle ability are truly amazing another clan. Over time, their relationship with Konoha village was spoiled.

who is the predessor of uchiha clan?

So less Uchiha‘s remain In the downfall of the Uchiha clan. they are the descendent of indra otsutsuki who was the elder son of hagoromo otsutsuki. they inherited chakra and dojutsu of hagoromo through Indra.

Uchiha clan history explained (PART1)

For which they get powerful and spiritual energy and chakra. Beginning of Curse of hatred. Uchiha possessed very powerful and strong emotions for their family relatives after losing them it changed into hatred. this sorrow awakes their Sharingan. And other people feared or were terrified of their powers. Uchiha clan fought with the Senju clan for hundreds of years.

Their fight began with Indra and Ashura because hogoromo otsutsuki aka sage of six paths choose his younger son Ashura for their successor after saying that, it is better to bring peace from the love than bring peace through powers. For all this Indra become so angry then he fought with Ashura to get his birthright to become the successor.

who is the biggest enemy of uchiha?

Uchiha clan and Senju clan’s decedent moving forward this never-ending battle. but, now they forget the reason of the battle or cause of the battle. If one country hires the Uchiha clan for their battle then the opposing country hires the Senju clan. the battle continuously increasing and they had to lose their loved ones.

Uchiha clan history explained (PART1)

Their never-ending battle goes on a different track when hasirama Senju and Madara Uchiha become friends of others also they didn’t like to battle or fight for no reason they already lose many brothers on the battlefield. now, they don’t wanna lose anymore. they decide to make a place where no one fights children don’t lose their parents, parents don’t lose their children.

Further Madara drops this idea and thought there is only a way to bring peace in this accursed world. Then,hasirama tries to stop Madara many times on the battlefield. Later on, he becomes the leader of the Uchiha clan and took the title of god of Uchiha.

During the battle between Senju and Uchiha clan, he loses his younger brother but fortunately, He becomes the first Uchiha who awake mangekyo Sharingan with the help of his younger brother Izuna Uchiha. Then he fought his last battle to hasirama Senju. And fortunately, he lost battle partially because he creates ultimate genjutsu or rather I say cast an illusion where he shows hasirama that he died in battle by his hand.

who established the uchiha police force in konaha?

After this battle hasirama make tobirama a second Hokage and says to him that you have to maintain peace with the Uchiha clan. Tobirama develops the village he built the Konoha police force for the Uchiha clan so they put all their effort, energy, and skill into the betterment of Konoha.

Uchiha police were in the remote area and they haven’t any control over the governance of the village. On the passage of time, they thought that they intentionally keep on outside the village. That Hokage only uses their powers for their selves.

After the great ninja war, they want to make the 4th Hokage of fugaku Uchiha. Which was the leader of Uchiha. but the higher authority didn’t even consider his name for the Hokage’s place. The higher-ups make 4th Hokage to minato namikage.

why fugaku didn’t stop nine tails?

The Uchiha clan wants to protest against the decision of higher-ups but fugaku stop them. After some time nine tail fox attack the village then fugaku send the military force to stop nine tail. Because he thought with the help of Sharingan they can easily stop and control the nine tail.

Uchiha clan history explained (PART1)

Unfortunately, they got the order from the higher-ups to guard the border of Konoha. At that time Higher-ups thought that if nine tail can stop by Sharingan then he attacks the village with the help of Sharingan. So, fugaku has to complete the order and he with his team go to guard on the border. Know they relocate the Uchiha clan from the village on the excuse of renovation of the village is necessarily important.

what was the plan of sisui to stop uchiha clan?

The higher authority assumes that only Uchiha have the power to control the nine tails. now Fugaku and other Uchiha know that the villagers and higher-ups don’t consider the Uchiha clan as a part of the village. Uchiha clan thought that Madara was right at that moment.

Uchiha clan history explained (PART1)

Now they are planning the project “co deta ” to get control of the Konoha village.

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