Hey everyone in the last blog we were discussing how the Uchiha clan knows that what they do will be less for the villagers. They are planning of co deta to get control of the village for which they joined some of their members in the Anbu force.

who is the double agent of the Uchiha clan?

The tragedy of the Uchiha clan  (part 2)

This agent plays the role of a double agent but these members don’t want a battle between the village and the Uchiha clan. If this will happen then the situation of 1st ninja war would arise. Sisui Uchiha who is one of the double agents of the Uchiha clan with the help of kutsukami plans to stop their co deta.

what really Danzo wants?

unfortunately, Danzo Shimura didn’t want this he thought Uchiha will try to do this then I will stop them and annihilate them so, that this Uchiha threat will be completely over. Higher-ups blame hiruzan for didn’t do about this. Hiruzun was the 3rd Hokage and Danzo wants his place of Hokage.

The tragedy of the Uchiha clan (part 2)

why itachi killed all uchiha members?

For which he spoke to Itachi. either you with your clan for their plan or kill them all and save Sasuke Uchiha.
Itachi chooses his little brother . for this mascara he met Tobi and says to him that he needs his help. Once a night they both kill their whole clan. Itachi goes to kill their parents by himself. when Sasuke sees him with his parent’s body. he didn’t tell anything about this to Sasuke to keep his promise.

why sasuke wants to revenge from itachi?

Itachi wants to his brother revenge him for their parent’s death for which he says to Sasuke if you hold the same power and eyes that I have then I will fight with you otherwise go f yourself. Before living in the village he met the 3rd Hokage and requests him to take care of Sasuke After this incident Hokage delegate the responsibility of the Uchiha military force to the Fuma clan. Now, only three Uchiha left 1st one was the Itachi who was become publically a traitor and join Akatsuki secretly to oversee them for Konoha.

why sasuke change his mind from not to destroy konaha village ?

At last, he died during the fight with Sasuke.
2nd one was the sasuke uchiha . who want to kill Itachi for his revenge . after killing his brother he joins Akatsuki to destroy Konoha village. At last our tobi aka obito uchiha. Who was saved by Madara in the 3rd greatest shinobi war? After the death of Itachi, he makes Sasuke with himself after saying the truth of Itachi.
After talking to reincarnated Itachi Sasuke changed his mind because after destroying the Konoha the sacrifice of Itachi become completely meaningless.

The tragedy of the Uchiha clan (part 2)

how obito rectify his mistake?

In the 4th shinobi war, Madara Uchiha was also reincarnated. With the help of Obito, he completes his plan to revive ten tails and create infinite Tsukuyomi.

The tragedy of the Uchiha clan (part 2)

After acknowledging the truth from Itachi Sasuke helps allied shinobi in a fight with Madara Uchiha.
Later obito also against to madara. For rectifying his mistake Obito helps them too. At last, the death of Madara and Obito Sasuke was the only one Uchiha left. When Sasuke fights naruto and loses then he is free from his curse of hatred. Even he was the traitor of Konoha and become a criminal but after his contribution to the 4th shinobi war, they forgive him.

The last uchiha member

After some time Sasuke and Sakura Haruno get married. They both become the father and mother of Sarada Uchiha. If talking about the abilities of the Uchiha clan then they possessed the combat, skill advance growth with their incredible eye power the” Sharingan “. They possessed very strong chakra and their natural chakra element is fire. Ok guys that’s it for today we will meet again in the next blog till then bye bye sayonara

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