Why Eternal Don’t Want To Fight against Thanos?

hey, guys marvel finally lunch new and final trailer of the eternal. this trailer is far better than the old one but they consider this a final trailer, as they will not release any new footage, we already saw in the sang chi and black widow trailer. where marvel studio releases new footage or rather I say a new trailer of sang chi and the black widow and if we add footage of 2 to 3 weeks becomes it becomes a new trailer.

Music of the eternal

look, this railer is truly amazed me in terms of its music, and I also have more expectations for its music because Ramin javadi who gave music for the game of thrown also going to give music in the movie ”the eternal”. if you really don’t know who really is that man then hear this man’s music and I definitely assure you that with the rains of customers you will gonna love this man.

Does this trailer also focus on what the movie is all about?
who is the eternal?

Why Eternal Don't Want To Fight against Thanos?
where they were during the fight between Thanos and the avengers?
why they will not join the end game fight?

so, without any further delay let’s just jump on to our main topic.

information 1- this movie will be after the event of the avenger endgame and here I am not talking about its realizing sequence, here I am talking about its timeline. it means the story of the eternal start after the snap of tony where people come back.

Why Eternal Don't Want To Fight against Thanos?

Information 2- here we also saw that some members of eternal forgot their past, may some members will remember but others will not. therefore a woman told Richard about his past you know I am thinking that when Thanos snapped then the member of eternal also vanished or not?

there was also a shoot in the trailer where they show us how they returned after the snap of hulk, as according to this trailer after the snap of iron man deviant come back, means iron man became the new villain of this franchise. if he willn’t then we not get a chance to watch this movie. there is another shoot where a star-like thing fell in the earth through its force the atmosphere of earth totally disturbed, again I have another question if a thing like this fall on the earth then others should also know.

information-3 there was one other info in this trailer, eternal can’t interfere in the fight of humans but humans can. it means dangerous being like a creature attack on earth where the hell was new Captain America or the rest of the avengers. also,

the racist statement of eternal that they will not interfere in any fight except where presentment of deviant and Thanos was also a half devient, was he qualifies or not ? or maybe they make their own rule that deviant should be like this creature then we gonna
fight otherwise go f yourself. they only mean to deviant race.

Richard man resembles superman

when I first saw this character I remembered dc’s superman. you tell me in the comment section you will be like that he was superman

celestial appear in the eternal

anybody who was guessing that finally, Galactus appeared but I tell you that it wasn’t, it was the same celestial which already appeared in the movie of guardian of the galaxy and where he destroys the whole plant in second with the help of a power stone and his nimbus 2000. maybe he also not good, if you don’t know when I tell you that celestials are the one who creates the Eternals and deviants. so, we can say that he was a god/destroyer like being for them.

Why Eternal Don't Want To Fight against Thanos?

the cinematography of the eternals

the last point I would like to mention about its shoots, what they showed in this trailer is completely wondered me and what you suppose to except the woman who already won the oscar. so, guys that’s it for today if you find this info is useful to you then hit a like, share it with your friend, and to get blogs like these you can visit our monarch69.in where you can find amazing content, we will meet again in the next blog till then bye bye sayonara

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